Thursday, October 11, 2012

Resource Pages

For my group's resource page, I volunteered to create a web page on my personal space at UH. I am an amateur web developer, but I don't have my personal web site. My busy life makes me postpone the project for my personal web page. Week 7's assignment inspired me to create not only the group page but also my own page. I usually create web pages from scratch. This time, I decided to try free templates. I was amazed by the number of free web templates available. I appreciate people who created and shared their templates with others. For my personal page, I just chose a template but did not post any content yet; for the group page, I could fill the template with useful information thanks to my group members, Susan and Eileen. Without the content, templates are useless.

We found a lot of great tools that teachers can use for educational purposes. Many of them could be used for free. I was wondering how the companies make profit. It seems to be very important to train teachers to use those useful tools for their teaching. I knew a lot about technology in education before.  However, I have not updated my knowledge for a while. Now, I am excited to learn all the new things. I look forward to implementing what I have learned in ETEC622 to my teaching.

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