Thursday, September 27, 2012


I learned a lot of hands-on skills. I did not know that I could capture the screen and insert narration at the same time for free. One of the reason that I stopped learning and using technology was because I could not afford it. As a lecturer, I did not have fund to try new technology in my teaching. I was amazed by how easy Screenr is. A few weeks ago, one of my colleagues asked me how she could make online teaching materials with audio files included. I wish I had known about Screenr at that time. Immediately, I called her and shared my new learning with her.

One thing that I know from my experience is that learning videos should not be too long. The viewers will not watch all if it is too long. It is better to divide one long lesson to several short lessons. However, when I created my screencast for custom animation in PowerPoint, it was so hard to make a short, concise, and easy one. It took a long time to prepare and created the screencast. But it was definitely fun. I also learned new things from others' screencasts. I liked the idea of making a movie in Window Movie Maker with PowerPoint slides saved as images. I also learned that there is a free tool that I can create a conversation with my students. Everyweek, I learn new things. I look forward to learning new things next week.

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