Thursday, September 27, 2012

Library resources online

I was very happy that I could access UHM electronic database. One of the reasons that I am taking this class is to have an access to the UH Manoa libaray system. After I finished my degree in 2008, I couldn't read adademic journals. Even though I work for the UH system, the electronic journals are only for UHM students and faculty. Now, I can search and read journal articles because I am a UH student. Yeah! I learned that many things have changed and improved in educational technology. I mainly read technology in language learning and learned that educators and researchers are interested in blogging, video/audio conferencing, social network tools, etc., which we try in ETEC622. I downloaded and read several articles. I also investigated general educational technology. Many new things to learn! I am excited about new learning in ETEC622.

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